The Verbose Log

Written by James Freund a full stack developer that is currently building SalesWon on the Now Platform. You should follow him on Twitter

Now Experience: UI Renderer React

A react renderer for now/next experience components. Allowing developers to access a huge amount of pre-existing react components and add them to their custom now components.

Now Experience: Animation Groups

A guide to building a plugin for transition animations when you're dealing with dynamic content

Now Experience: Record Watchers

Record watchers have been around for quite some time to provide real-time data on back-end forms in ServiceNow as well as in the Service Portal. Changes in instance data trigger an event on the front end, upon receiving the event you can then perform logic based on the change to instance data.

Now Bending: Tables and Fields

Mastering Now-bending is probably more difficult than becoming the Avatar, but we will give it our best shot.